Our Clients

           Based on the firm foundations of reliability, technology, capability, and value, "Sri Mahalakshmi industries,Chennai", faces their future with confidence. We are today in a strong position to strike new partnerships for growth, and drive through mergers and acquisitions.

We at the moment are serving the following industry sectors:-

  • AgroChemicals(Pesticides,insecticides,fungicides,herbicides,Weedicides,Bio-pesticides,Viscose/Non Viscose Chemicals...Etc ,All Types Of Chemicals Products to Fills.)
  • Oil Industries (Coconut oil, Hair Oils ,Mustard oil, Rice Brand Oil...Etc ,All Types Oil Products to Fills.)
  • Cosmetic Products (Hair Oils ,Shampoo...Etc ,All Types Of Cosmetic Liquidised Products to Fills.)
  • Pharma Products (Syrup ,Lotion ,Creams...Etc ,All Types Of Pharma Liquidised Products to Fills.)
  • Lube Oils (Lubricant Oil ,Automotive Oils ,Industrial Lube oils...Etc ,All Types Of Lube Oil Products to Fills.)

Distillery Products ,Confectionery Products, All Types Of Liquidised Products to Fills Comfortable Viscose/Non Viscose Products ...Etc